Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
St. Joseph's Walk

St Joseph’s Presbytery, St Joseph’s Place, Devizes,

SN10 1DD 


Tel.01380 723572
 Fax 01380 723377


and at West Lavington

Serving:    Lavington Area


Parish Date:
(1861) Consecrated 29 September 1979

Deanery of Parish:




Sisters of St Joseph of Annecy, 2 Park View, Bath Road, Devizes,

SN10 1TJ. Tel 01380 722543.


St Joseph’s Primary School, Devizes, SN10 1DD.

Tel 01380 723084 / Fax 01380 723546

St Augustine’s RC College, Trowbridge,

BA14 9EN. Tel 01225 350001 

Fax 01225 350002.

Green Lane

Devizes District Maternity Hospital

HM Prison Erlestoke



Clergy: Fr. Jean-Patrice Coulon MSFS  (Parish Priest)

Fr. Darline Joseph MSFS  (Missionaries of St Francis de Sales)

Deacon David Wakefield

(phone: 07711-834800)


Pastoral Care at HMP Erlestoke: Miss Maggie Roberts

Parish Administrator: Mrs. Debra Pritchard (M, W, Fri am)

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